Live At The Royal Oak

by Atra Vetosus

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Gary Lopez
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Gary Lopez Because my son, Aléxandros, is the Bass player! Favorite track: Ius Vitae Necisque (Live).
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Recorded live at the Royal Oak 14th May 2016.


released November 8, 2016

Audio: Dave Luck, Josh Young.




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Atra Vetosus Launceston, Australia

Atra Vetosus are a melodic black metal band hailing from Tasmania, Australia

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Track Name: Ius Vitae Necisque (Live)
Amongst the trees I dwell
astray yet not lost, alone yet not lonely
Here I find myself as the universe
searches my inmost being

The face of glory is embedded in nature
always before our downcast eyes
A beacon that awakes our down cast souls
The dawn of awe within us

-I have fallen deep into my demise I have risen awakened by the sky

The wretched man I am
Shall exalt the book of nature
The oceans, forests and skies
From the depths of my being
I exalt the breath of nature
And now I give it my all

Serenity is within the grasp of my hand
As the wind wanders amidst the forest air
Darkness lies nearby as the Author of Death
Wanders amidst lands I dwell
Wickedness dwells within this shadow
Forever condemning this earth
To the plagues of this vile hatred
Even still the rise of splendor awaits

I lay my flesh upon the altar of this earth
The oak lays it’s leaves upon my lifeless body
Decay buried beneath the soil
My body becomes one with the earth

Beyond the stars I’m taken to a realm not like this earth.
Taken away like the deepest dream
And let my spirit rise and reach the ends
of space and time
Behold, a throne stands before me
Surrounded by clear oceans of glass
A vision of eternal resplendence
The face of glory, this eternal sight
Track Name: Tortured By The Light Of A Thousand Stars (Live)
Beneath the sky, painted with a thousand stars
An untouched land of arcane beauty
The crystal lake, basking in such glorious light
Far in the distance now lies the ancient castle

This kingdom of nature hidden within the forgotten woods
Surrounded by the sheltering fortress of these mighty aging trees

The cryptic darkness surrounding the great lake
Stretches out to the surrounding woodlands
The peace within these forbidden lands
Disturbed by only the light from above

Where a shadow would rest beneath such oaken glory
There lies the tears of the forest
The leaves fallen as the cold death of winter approaches

Echoing now, the valley, woodland songs, hailing from the north
Chants flowing with the sound of the streams
A voice made one with the whispers of the forest

Whatever walks in these lands
Will walk with the spirit of the forgotten woods

And the darkness that shelters the distant kingdoms
Shall now haunt this place of immortality
And like the falling shadows of the night
The woodlands shall forget now all life

This place forever remains
Frozen in time, Beneath the stars
The sentinels of the heavens
Forever looking upon these sacred lands